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Lauren reminds me of a younger me.  She dressed up her baby in suspenders for family pictures (something I would totally do) and he did exactly what my five children would do -- he wanted his cup, he cried a little, he jumped, he played ... he acted like a toddler.  I absolutely LOVED every minute of it.  Getting toddlers to pose during a family session can be a hard task.  I believe in letting children play freely and capturing their true personality through my lens.  When a family look back at their session, I want them to remember the wrinkled skin of a baby, the laughter sound of their toddler, the innocence of their big kid, the smile and growing pains of their pre-teen.  The achievements of their teens.  I want to tell a story.  The story that was written for them.  I want them to remember one word -- LOVE.  If I had one advice for the Lauren, it would be "time spent playing with your child is never wasted".  Continue to play, throw your baby in the air, hug him, kiss him, cuddle with him, spin him, and love him.  This is the Johnson family.  This is us. 

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